Ice cube trays can assist in making numerous nice recipes. Apart from making easy treats, they save time. Below are 10 Recipes you can try with Ice Cube Trays.

1. Berry Fizzers

Berry-Fizzers ice cybe trays

Any time you want to make a splash, pop several blueberries or blackberries into ice cube tray slots, fill the remainder with flavored seltzer. Once they are frozen, add fizzy chillers to the juice or seltzer for a fancy and budget friendly mock tail

2. Wine Cubes

White wines make refreshing summer sipper. You can chill that wine using several wine cubes. If you want to get fancier varieties, you can freeze champagne for lightly fizzed wines

3. Seasoning Nuggets

Save fresh spices and herbs by chopping and freezing them in water, vegetable stock or oil. Fill each of them with herbs and cover them with your preferred liquid

4. Coffee Cubes

coffee ice cube tray

There’s nothing better than having an iced coffee on a sweltering day. For non-diluted morning jolts, pop 2-3 java cubes in every cup. Simply brew 2 coffee cups and let it cool at room temperature, you can then pour and freeze.

5. Smoothie squares

You can turn watery post-workout shakes into frosted treats. Freeze flavored yoghurt and blend it with frozen fruit together with your favorite choice of milk. Silicone ice cube trays are more flexible

6. Grown-Up Jell-O Shots

Ditch wasteful paper cups to make jell-o cubes in ice cube trays. Jell-o is a refreshing snack when toasted out. Its fun factor is also difficult to beat

7. Healthy Pea Nut Butter Cups

pea nut ice cube rtray

What’s better than pea nut butter? Peanut chocolates and butter are mess-free and healthier. Other alternatives to conventional pea nut butter cups are organic pea nut butter cubes that are made using honey and dark chocolates. The biggest challenge here is eating just one piece

8. Chocolate Milk Cubes

Pour and then freeze chocolate milk in form of cubes to cool off the milk. For fancy purposes, toss frozen milk cubes into a blender or a food processor to make a chocolate milk slushie

9. After Dinner Treat

Create perfect pointed sweets by combining them with chopped nuts, melted dark chocolates and dried fruits. Pour that mixture into ice cube trays and freeze. If you are preparing for a date night, chocolate covered strawberries can make the date perfect. Rest the strawberry in a well and then pour melted chocolate at the edge and freeze it

10. Cocktail Cubes

Turn basic homemade drinks into instagram worthy cocktails within seconds. Simply do this by pouring water over whole or chopped herbs like mints and then freeze