Witch hazel, otherwise called winterbloom or spotted birch, is really a blossoming bush regular in North America. The leaves, bark, and twigs of witch hazel are high in tannins.

Tannins are found in any common astringent due to their capacity to fix, dry and solidify tissues. The witch hazel water you can purchase at any drugstore is really a steam refining of the bark, leaves, and twigs of the bush itself. We can see the Natural Benefits of Using Witch Hazel in this article.

Witch Hazel Uses and Benefits

a. Treat Acne

You don’t have to waste cash on unforgiving synthetic toners that claim to destroy your skin break out to bits. Witch hazel is a compelling, delicate, and regular approach to treat skin inflammation or slick skin. I’ve utilized witch hazel on my skin for a considerable length of time with extraordinary achievement. So make sure to add witch hazel to your rundown of the best common skin break out medicines.

b. Lessen Puffiness


If your eyes are puffy from crying or absence of rest , then douse two little cotton cushions with witch hazel and put them over your eyes. Witch hazel is renowned for contracting veins.

c. Cure a Sore Throat

If you’re sufficiently fortunate to have a witch hazel hedge developing close-by, you can undoubtedly make witch hazel tea by splashing a few leaves and twigs in some exceptionally boiling point water. Include a couple of cloves for flavor and splash for around 19min. At that point, strain off the solids and swish with the tea. In view of witch hazel’s capacity to mitigate and lessen swelling, this is a superb, antiquated solution for sore throats. Consider adding it to your weapons store of the best common icy and influenza cures at home.

d. Decrease the Appearance of Varicose Veins


Splash a flimsy fabric in witch hazel and lay it on your varicose veins. Connected every day, this is a characteristic approach to decrease the presence of varicose veins.

e. Mend a Bruise

Witch hazel is astonishing with regards to recuperating wounds. Once more, splash a dainty fabric in witch hazel and apply it to your wound a few times each day until the wound is no more. Your shiner will be gone a great deal snappier if you utilize witch hazel to speed the recuperating procedure.

f. Purify and Soothe a Wound

There’s a justifiable reason motivation behind why numerous tattoo specialists purify a fresh out of the plastic new tattoo with witch hazel. The reason is on the grounds that it rinses the skin of germs and microscopic organisms, furthermore mitigates aggravation. You can utilize witch hazel to scrub any twisted or rub, huge or little.

g. Stop an Itch

If you’re doing whatever it takes not to scratch anything, from chicken pox to toxic substance ivy to a sunburn, douse a material or cotton ball with witch hazel and rub it on your skin. Witch hazel works magnificent for calming irritated skin.

h. Invigorate Skin

My most loved use for witch hazel is as a straightforward skin refresher in the late spring. After I’ve been out in the warmth, my skin gets slick. I’ll splash a cotton cushion with witch hazel and use it to purify the oil, soil and debasements from my skin. It’s not just invigorating, by my skin gleams after I’m finished. Furthermore, I notice extraordinary as well!

i. Refine Pores

Witch hazel is a magnificent approach to take care of vast pores.

j. Seal in Moisture

moisture skin

In spite of the fact that witch hazel removes oils from your skin, it won’t dry it out like other business astringents. When you utilize witch hazel directly after a shower it will really seal in dampness, which is superb if you have dry skin in the winter months.


Witch hazel is one of those basic, characteristic items I generally continue hand. It has a huge amount of truly viable uses, and since it’s so shabby it simply doesn’t bode well not to have it particularly when it will effortlessly supplant such a large number of other costly business items.