Today`s lifestyles, especially urban, keeps people busy with their jobs. Everybody are, hard pressed for time, for any daily activities such as personal healthcare and physical fitness that is very essential, considering the beatings our health is taking these days owing to pollution, contamination and adulteration of our environment and basic necessities for survival like air, water and food etc.

Moreover, stress has become a major concern and cause for many physical, psychological, emotional disorders. Under the circumstances, the only choice we are left with for our personal care is to squeeze them into our daily routine, especially for those who are employed in white collar office(desk) jobs which is sedentary in nature and requires them to sit at a desk, in front of a computer and other gadgets around them for hours together, i.e.morning till evening.

Here are 10 simple physical activities (exercises) that can be performed while sitting on your chair, standing beside your desk and walking and climbing stairs within in your office premises which are very helpful in maintaining health and fitness and bursting stress.

1. Walking:


A natural physical activity (exercise) for all age groups and people from all walks of life. Take a walk in block, floor, corridors of your office. A fairly brisk walk, about 100 steps a minute, whenever you feel a lag creeping into your body due to sitting for long hours in your chair;

2. Climb the Stairs:

Take the stairs instead of the lift to climb up and/or down. You can do this any time of a working day just for the sake of exercise. It burns calories, boosts blood circulation and makes your heart healthy as it is a good cardiovascular activity;

3. Stress Busters:

Carry a stress bursting ball to office. Squeezing a stress ball now and then for a while during work keeps the blood flowing freely, relaxes and gives strength to fingers, forearms, joints and is also fun. This is, especially, very good for keyboard users;

4. Leg Extension:

While sitting in your chair, stretch one leg, slowly , in front of you, till it is parallel to the ground at your hip level. Hold it for as long as possible and slowly drop it back to the floor. Repeat with the other leg. Do it a few times. This exercise relaxes and strengthens legs.

5. Raising heels :

Stand erect (beside your desk) with your feet about 8” to 10” apart. Now raise your heels slowly as high as possible and lower them back slowly. You will feel the strain in your feet, ankles and calf. Repeat a few times. If you wish to include your arms in this exercise – stretch your arms straight in front of you – chest level – parallel to the ground and each other. Now as you lift your heels slowly spread your arms on either side till they are in a straight line with your shoulder. Now as your are lowering your heel slowly bring your arms slowly back to your front. This will exercise both legs and arms.

6. Pushing the Roof:

Stand erect. Place your palms (upturned) , bent backwards from wrist, along the shoulders, with your out stretched thumbs touching the shoulders. Now while marching in place, push and pull your palms up and down . Do it many times.

7. Desk Push-up:

Desk Push-up

Place both your palms flat on the edge of your desk, shoulder width apart. Move your legs away from the desk behind you until you are in a leaning position with your arms straight and supporting your weight. Now bend your arms at the elbow while lowering your body i.e. chest towards the desk as far as possible and lift it back by straightening your arms. Repeat a few times. This exercise is good for your arms and shoulders.

8. Knee Lift:

Stand erect.Make fists and hold them in front of your face, about a foot apart. Now as you lift one leg up till your thigh is parallel to the ground and your knees bent 90 degrees, straighten your arms downwards, with your fists going down on either side of the thigh. Now as you bend your arms back, straighten your leg to the floor. Repeat with the other leg. Do this exercise a few time.

9. Marching and flapping arms:

Bend 45 degrees forward from your hip . Bring your fists together in front of your chest with your upper arms in line with your shoulders. Now start marching in place and simultaneously stretch your arms behind you above your waist, as far as possible, that your shoulder bones seems to touch each other . Bring your arms back. Flap your arms like wings, back and forth, while marching in place. This exercise is good for your chest, back, arms and legs.

10. Triceps Dips:

Place your palms on the edge of the seat of a chair behind you, with your legs stretched in front of you and your hip lowered till the seat of the chair and your arms supporting your body. Now as you bend your elbows dip with your hip going down as far as possible and lift up by straightening your arms . This exercise is good for arms, shoulder, triceps, wrists and back.

The above simple exercises which can be done in the comfort of your office , desk and chair helps keep your body light, flexible, relaxed and fit, while relieving stress, lag, stiffness, sore wrists, muscular aches and prevents repetitive motion injuries and other ill effects of a sedentary, morning till evening, office(desk) job.