Beauty and skin are very closely related to each other when you access someone’s beauty. Yes, this is absolutely true. Your skin has the power to enhance the charm and elegance of your look. Needless to say, younger looking skin looks more beautiful and charming than skin that has wrinkles, lumps under the eyes, blemishes, fine lines and age spots. Thanks to our modern life, everyone seemed to have been under the effect of stress and tension. Your mental hazards often force you to pick up junk and unhealthy foods that are not good for your skin. As a result people end up having a skin that has all the flaws. There is innumerable beauty and anti ageing products in the market, but the best outcome can be expected only when you eat healthy.

Here is a list of 10 most powerful vitamins which are known to work on your skin and make it young and beautiful.

Vitamins for repairing, maintaining natural defense and improving appearance:

Vitamins play a very important role in building our body. Though they have multiple benefits, yet their contribution towards repairing our damaged skin is simply unmatched. When it comes to repairing a damaged skin there are various aspects which need to be addressed. Let’s find out which vitamin works on which skin issues.

Vitamin A:

First in the list we have Vitamin A. The vitamin is known to work best on damaged skin. If your skin gets exposed to too much sunrays, it might look dry and old. Vitamin A is very effective as it works like a miracle when you start taking it; it repairs your damaged skin cells really fast.


Vitamin A can be either applied directly on the skin or can be taken directly in forms of Vitamin A rich foods. There are many vitamin A rich creams and moisturizers. You can apply them religiously on your skin.

Vitamin A

Foods that are rich in Vitamin A are liver, chili powder, red pepper, sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, butternut squash, dried herbs, lettuce, dried apricot, carrots etc.

Vitamin K:

Though vitamin K is not that popular if you compare it with other contemporaries from the Vitamin family, yet its benefit cannot be ignored at all. Vitamin K helps in improving the texture and appearance of your skin. Taking Vitamin K on regular basis will slowly change the appearance of your skin.


Vitamin K can be either eaten directly or applied to the effected areas. Various skin and eye creams containing vitamin K has proved to do effective job on changing the appearance of the skin. Foods that are rich in Vitamin K are dried herbs, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, spring onion, green leafy vegetables etc.

Vitamin E:

Next in the list you have Vitamin E. It is best known to increase the natural defense of your skin. Its benefits do not end here. The stores of Vitamin A &K are maintained well by Vitamin E. right intake of Vitamin E will not only help you with enhance the natural defense of your skin but it would also help in right functioning of Vitamin A&K.


Vitamin E rich foods are green olives, spinach, almonds, pine nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds etc. Skin renewal, building collagen and maintaining skin hydration: When you are working towards making your skin look young you cannot ignore working on these three aspects. And for effective results you need the help of vitamin C, B3 and B5.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is extremely good in building collagen which helps your skin look fresh and young. Vitamin C is found in wide varieties of vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C also has various other health benefits which have a very significant role to play in overall development of our body.


Vitamin C

Foods that are a rich source of Vitamin C are pineapples, grapes, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, kiwi fruit, orange, brussel sprouts, fresh herbs, bell peppers, guava etc.

Vitamin B3:

Vitamin B3 maintains skin hydration which is very important in case if you really wish to have a glowing skin. It is also known to reduce sebum production which is responsible for acne problems. Reduced sebum production would mean you will now have a reduced acne free skin and that to up to 52%.


Vitamin B3 can be found in various vegan and non vegan foods. Some of the rich Vitamin B3 foods are Tuna, potatoes, egg, tomatoes, beef and chicken.

Vitamin B5:

Even though all your skin problems are treated you will not look soft and glowing in case it is not rightly moisturized. Vitamin B5 does and excellent job by breaking oil that clogs the pores. It also helps immensely in renewing your skin. The vitamin contains various anti inflammatory properties that manage itchiness and skin problems.


Sources of vitamin B5 legumes, mushrooms, fish, cheese, eggs, lean pork etc. More than applying vitamin enriched skin creams if the vitamin rich foods are taken directly they bring higher impact on your skin improvements. Eat right and workout right; these are the best mantra for a great skin.

Treat itchiness, blemishes while rejuvenating skin and controlling acne: Next three important tasks are treating itchiness and blemishes while controlling acne and rejuvenating skin. Sounds very complex and tough aren’t it? However it is not that difficult as it seemed to be. All these skin improvement tasks are done by 4 different Vitamins. Taking them in right proportion will help you.

Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 is extremely important to fight against blemishes. It regulates hormones in right quantity which in turn gifts you a blemish free skin. It also helps treat dry skin and acne.


Foods that are rich in Vitamin B6 are Banana, broccoli, watermelon, chicken, spinach, rice etc. Try taking these foods more than applying skin creams.

Vitamin B7:

Vitamin B7 does a lot to your skin. It not only relieves itchiness, but also restores skin moisture. It also increases production of fatty acids that improves skin hydration. There are lots of Vitamin B7 enriched foods, lets take a look.


Foods containing Vitamin B7 are soybeans, green peas, cauliflower, almonds, walnuts, salmon etc.

Vitamin D:

The most important functions of Vitamin D are, it aids in skin renewal, it rejuvenates aging skin and also controls the natural protective mechanism of the skin. There are various foods that provides right amount of Vitamin D.


Sources of Vitamin D are salmon, milk, yogurt, cheese, yolk, cod liver oil etc.

Vitamin F:

Vitamin F does a good job in maintaining the youthfulness of your skin. It also keeps your skin supple. This vitamin is very effective in controlling acne problems especially in young women. If you have scars and blemishes it will surely vanish them all.


Mayonnaise, walnuts, grape seed oil, olive oil, salmon, avocado, leafy vegetables etc are rich in Vitamin F. add them to your daily diet and see how your skin improves. Taking the vitamin enriched foods in right proportion can do wonders beyond your imagination.