Growing up, the only reason you buy pumpkin in many homes It is for Halloween. During Halloween, you go out get the biggest pumpkin available. Many people will usually spend hours of their time curving the pumpkin then taking It out on Halloween to show the neighbors how good they are at curving and how big a pumpkin they bought. Not very many people actually think about the health benefits they could derive from the pumpkin. For others, they loathe pumpkins because their parents put pumpkin in everything. Some ate so much pumpkins as children they began to dislike it. Whatever your reason is for ignoring pumpkins, you should know that they are a nutritional powerhouse. The benefits of pumpkin cannot be understated.

1. Improves your Eyesight


Buy consuming just a cup of pumpkin each day you get a lot of vitamin A. This is great for improving your eyesight. Pumpkins are also great for pregnant women as they help the body improve the eye- sight of the unborn baby. The vitamin A contents are also great in helping you get better sight when in areas that have dim light.

2. It is a great food after workouts

After working out in the gym or taking that morning jog, it is only natural that you will need food that is healthy and that will help you maintain or loose the weight you are looking to loose. Pumpkins are healthy because they have a very low calorie content at only 42 calories per cup.

3. Help improve digestion and fight haemmroids

Pumpkins are also full of fiber which aids in the digestion of food allowing your digestion to go smoothly while allowing you to feel fuller for longer.

4. Fights craving and has anti diabetes effects

They also regulate your blood sugar allowing you to keep your cravings a bay. This is the reason they are great even for pregnant women. Regulation of insulin reduces oxidation stress in diabetic people

5. High potassium level


Pumpkins contain 564mg of potassium as compared to bananas, which are known to have a high potassium content at only 4222mg per cup. Potassium helps the body feel energetic and reduces muscle weakness.

6. The help you feel happier

Pumpkins contain an amino acid that the body converts to serotonin allowing you to feel happier. It is a great food, in conjunction with regular exercises, to help fight depression and anxiety.

7. You will sleep better

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

The production of serotonin after the consumption of pumpkins helps you feel good, be able to unwind better and because you have less stress, you will have better and longer sleep. His allows you to be well rested.

8. Improves fertility

Pumpkins contain zinc which helps in allowing men to improve their sperm count and the strength of their sperm. It is also known to help fight prostate cancer which is mostly caused by lack of zinc.

9. It helps fight inflammation

Pumpkins contain antioxidants in the form of beta carotene, which helps fight inflammation, cancers and helps improve the immune system

10. Keeps your hear and liver healthy

Pumpkins contain antioxidants, healthy fats and fibers that help improve the health of your heart ad liver

There are many reasons to eat pumpkins that you may or may not have known about. One added advantage is that they are easy to cook and go well with most things.